How Knauf gypsum boards characterized by good absorption ability of humid air from the room, and regulation of cold and noise, these systems are ideal for refurbishment of all types of loft. In combination with insulating materials, the gypsum board protected from the cold winter or hot summer.Also, Knauf gypsum boards do not allow leakage of air and regulate the climate in the area, and do not miss fire - gypsum board don't burn. Functional design prevents the appearance of "drafts" in the attic which causes unfavorable and unhealthy climate in the room.With such a precise set and solid plaster plates, with the structure that holds all kinds of sanitary equipment and a wide assortment of accessories to meet all requirements, saving money and time is provided. Thus contemporary loft meets all environmental and construction methods because it saves energy and reduces the cost of construction.If you have a loft that you want to adapt in a residential or business premises, Knauf gypsum boards are the ideal solution for you.