Partition walls

Partition walls are adaptable to the structure construction of modern facilities, in addition to these walls provide ideal solutions in the field of noise and fire and the heat insulation space. Even the suspension of heavy loads console wall (shelves, cabinets, etc.) is performed without difficulty. Partition walls are made from the lining of the substructures and plaster board. Substructure consists of steel, galvanized profile. They are on both sides mounted gypsum panels. Performance suspension and type of lining depends on the requirements of the stability of the wall (height mounting, intended use of rooms), sound protection and fire protection. Internal insulation of the existing external walls and wall coverings are used to glue on the mounting plate or under construction. Uneven walls disappear under the lining of the plaster board. To improved sound and thermal insulation plaster coating is mounted to the steel construction. This gets a perfect surface appearance and thermal and sound insulation to measure. In addition, all the home installation cables can pass inside the wall interspace.We offer also anti-burglary and fire walls and rocks, which are guaranteed by certificate.