Making decorations for the facade - it is our specialty! Specific way of creating and materials used enable us fast, high quality and extremely favorable development of the most demanding forms.

Creation process

Existing decoration we clean and repair damaged parts. Molds are manufactured according to our recipe, which we keep our business secret. In the end you get a decoration entirely identical to the original.

Importantly, the molds are manufactured based on the template. It is desirable that the existing decorations take off the walls. If the element is damaged, it is not a problem! It is necessary to collect all the elements that are then bands, paste, repair the possible damages - and thus making the mold. It is possible to take a fingerprint from the wall, without removing. But it is more demanding process, because the decoration can not be so thoroughly cleaned and repaired as one on the desk. Of course, one template can made more identical mold, if you need more decorations.

We produce and decorations with a "counter-drop", ie, elements that have extensions so that they can not remove from the solid molds. Our elastic molds allow spills of such decorations. The molds squirts final decorative layer of acrylic plaster and the rest fill the hard polyurethane. So we get very strong and light element. We offer the mixture that is in accordance with the requirements restorer and we can put into the material to your recipe.

Production technology and used materials allow us maximum flexibility and customization to the desires of our customers.