Suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings made of Knauf systems are the ideal solution for both modern areas and for the renovation of older devastated area and the interior. Creative design possibilities are almost endless. Plaster elements are set according to your individual needs and can be set up with numerous variations. So perfectly formed suspended ceiling will soon become the center of attention in your apartment, office, restaurant, hotel or any other object. Besides being a good protection against fire, sound insulation and thermal insulation, a major advantage of this suspended ceiling is what provides accommodation and ventilation, lighting, speakers, fire detection devices, etc., and quickly set and easy to like later. It is important to note that we give anti-fire certificate on the fire protected ceiling. Also, we are able to set up modular suspended ceilings "AMF", "Armstrong", "OWA" and others of various sizes in anti-microbe and anti-fungal treatment (hygienic panels) ideal for offices, pharmacies, laboratories, etc.